Ghulam Mustafa Meher Chief Executive World Institute for Genius Mind has been giving online telepathy training on WhatsApp and Zoom since May 2013.
Ghulam Mustafa Mehar

30 years ago today I started experiments to learn telepathy and create a master plan in such situations.When people considered this force as magic.Ghulam Mustafa Meher was not patient in the case of failure, rather he worked harder, even if the result did not come out, he changed the method from his own thoughts and thoughts, and then started practicing with this determination. He said that this time I will definitely succeed.There was no facility in the house. But I persisted. That this knowledge has to be learned in every situation

Ghulam Mustafa Mehr’s journey between failure and success continued. Because Ghulam Mustafa Meher had no teacher in telepathy. So, keep finding the solution to every problem by yourself…….Finally, after performing each x-size in different ways, he arrived at the truth. And whenever he wanted, he would have a mind-to-mind link with anyone.He did not stop at great success, but made different people exercise in the light of his experiences. And then, in case of success in the fixed period and time, these exercises were named Telepathy Master Course

Today, the same telepathy course with the same proven exercises is being conducted onlin.After learning telepathy online under the supervision of Ghulam Mustafa Meher, You can connect with anywhere in All World with your mental power, read their thoughts and get them to do what you want

Online Admission is in progres
Course duration 2 years
 Registration Fee Rs.15000
Monthly fee Rs.6000
Contact Whatsapp No. 923214700965